a 40th birthday cake is very special, and a great excuse for a party!

Reaching the special age of 40 calls for a celebration with family and friends, this can captured in the memories with a special photo cutting the 40th birthday cake! So coming up with some 40th birthday cake ideas, can be quite tricky! Take a look at some of the birthday cake ideas below to help with your inspiration. The 2 digit 40 cakes are quite large, baked in numbered tins, as such they will feed approx 50 people, if you don't need to feed this many, take a look at some other cakes for husbands, cakes for wifes, cakes for boys or cakes for girls, or contact us and we can discuss the perfect cake for your party.

40th Birthday cakes

  • Girls 40th Birthday cake

    Girls 40th birthday cake

  • army 40th cake

    Boys 40th birthday cake

  • mens 40th birthday cake

    Mechanic 40th birthday cake

  • 40 Anniversay cake

    40th anniversary cake

  • 40th Annivesary

    40th cake

  • RAF 40 cake

    RAF 40th birthday cake

  • Saints 40th Birthday cake

    Saints fan 40th birthday cake

  • Saints and cricket cake

    Saints and cricket cake at 40

  • 40 shoe cake

    40 shoe cake

  • 40 stars

    40 stars

  • Hot Tub

    Hot Tub

  • The Muppets cake

    The Muppets cake

If you find a cake you like, or would like Fun Cakes to design a cake just for you, why not send us an enquiry.