More birthday cakes that we couldn't fit on any other page!

Even more birthday cakes that we couldn't fit in anywhere else on the site! The popular birthday cake categories are highlighted below, or take a look at some of the images on this page for more inspiration.

  1. Sport themed birthday cakes
  2. Birthday cakes for boys
  3. Birthday cakes for girls
  4. Cupcakes for birthdays
  5. 18th Birthday cakes

Alternatively, there is a selection of more birthday cakes below, or contact us and we can discuss the perfect cake for your birthday party.

Even more Birthday cakes

  • Girls 1st Birthday Cake

    Girls 1st birthday cake

  • Tom and Gerry

    Tom and Gerry cake

  • hsm

    High school musical cake

  • 21st Cake

    2 tier flowers cake

  • 18th Birthday Cake

    Girls 18th birthday cake

  • Barn dance cake

    Barn Dance birthday cake

  • Dragon

    Baby dragon cake

  • Tigger

    Tigger birthday cake

  • Curry

    Curry birthday cake

  • Credit Card

    credit card cake

  • Boat

    Cruize ship cake

  • Guitar

    Guitar birthday cake

  • Cards

    Casino birthday cake

  • Safari cake

    3 Tier Safari Cake

  • Hello Kitty

    Hello Kitty cake

  • Superhero cake

    Super Hero Birthday cake

  • Skittles cake

    Skittles Birthday cake

  • Miss Universe cake

    Miss Universe cake

  • Tiger cake

    Tiger Birthday cake

  • Mario

    Mario birthday cake

  • Playboy

    Playboy birthday cake

  • Rabbit

    Rabbit birthday cake

  • Stripes

    Spots and stripes birthday cake

  • Taxi

    Taxi birthday cake

  • Thor Super Heros

    Thor Super Heros

  • One in Minnion

    One in Minnion

  • Mini Cake

    Mini Cake

If you find a cake you like, or would like Fun Cakes to design a cake just for you, why not send us an enquiry.