Corporate cakes are a great way of getting your business message on the lips of your customers!

Corporate cakes by Fun Cakes, handmade novelty cakes designed just for your company or business. Corporate cakes can be designed to celebrate any company event or special occasion. Corporate logos can be re-created in icing, ensuring your marketing message is on the lips of your target market!

  • Cunard 175th birthday cake

    Cunard 175th birthday cake cutting

  • Harry 60th Football cake

    Harry Rednapp in the Sun

  • Wedding Magazine

    Cakes for the Wedding Magazine

Why not celebrate your company event with a special corporate cake created by Fun Cakes? The corporate cakes can include a company logo, company colours, branding and a special message. The cakes can be created to cater for many people, or different PR events. Cutting a company cake makes a great photo opportunity that can be a truly unique reminder of a special day in the company history. For different cake design ideas, take some inspiration from the corporate cake photos below, or contact us to discuss your ideas.

  • Cunard 175th birthday cake

    Cunard 175th birthday cake

  • Harry cake

    Harry Redknapp 60th Birthday cake

  • Firebrand


  • Creme de la mer

    Creme De La Mer

  • 1st birthday cake


  • solent

    Solent University

  • CCIS


  • Bananna

    Banana Gym

  • AXA


  • Microsoft


  • Skandia


  • NDP - Dentist cake

    National Dental Plan

  • Office for National Statistics

    Office for National Statistics

  • Siemens cake for winning a big contract

    Siemens cake for winning a big contract

  • A new store opening for H&M

    A new store opening for H&M

  • Gill Sensor Launch

    Gill Sensor Launch

  • Robin Hood Panto the Mayflower

    Robin Hood Panto at the Mayflower

  • Ashleigh with her cake

    Ashleigh with her cake

  • Time and Tide

    Opening of a new shop Time and Tide

  • Lending Metrics

    Lending Metrics 10 years

  • 30 years of Ashcroft

    30 years of Ashcroft