a NUMBER shaped birthday cake is a perfect way to celebrate any age

Numbered birthday cakes are a great way to highlight a special age, cakes can be made into any number, but the most popular numbered cakes have their own pages on the website, they include:

  1. 18th Birthday cakes
  2. 21st Birthday cakes
  3. 40th Birthday cakes
  4. 50th Birthday cakes
  5. 60th Birthday cakes
  6. 70th Birthday cakes

Alternatively, there is a small selection of other numbered cakes below, or contact us and we can discuss the perfect cake for your party.

Numbered Birthday cakes

  • 30 sports

    Boys 30th birthday cake

  • 7

    7 year olds birthday cake

  • 30 friends

    Girls 30th birthday cake

  • 7 swim

    Girls 7th birthday cake

  • 1 cars

    Number 1 birthday cake

  • 1OO Cake

    100 birthday cake

  • Bowling at 70 Cake

    Bowling at 70 Cake

  • 30 Years in the Navy

    30 Years in the Navy

  • Golfing at 70

    Golfing at 70

If you find a cake you like, or would like Fun Cakes to design a cake just for you, why not send us an enquiry.