Your husbands birthday cake can be created to reflect personality, sports, hobbies or A CARRER

Choosing a birthday cake for your husband should be an enjoyable experience, there are so many themes to choose from! Popular themes include: cars, music, relaxing, drinking, music, hobbies, family or careers. Special years cakes are also very popular, so if you are looking for a 40th birthday cake for your husband, or 50, 60th etc - then there are further design ideas to look at on these pages: 40th birthday cakes, 50th birthday cakes, 60th birthday cakes, or sporting themed cakes or contact us and we can discuss the perfect cake for your party.

Birthday cakes for a husbands

  • motorbike

    Motorbike birthday cake

  • 2 tier Superhero cake

    Superhero birthday cake

  • DJ Cake

    DJ birthday cake

  • DL Decks

    DJ Decks birthday cake

  • Casino Cake

    Casino birthday cake

  • BA Plane

    BA Plane cake

  • Butcher

    Butchers birthday cake

  • Caravan

    Caravan cake

  • roulette

    roulette birthday cake

  • Diving cake

    Diving birthday cake

  • DJ Cake

    DJ birthday cake

  • Lorry

    Eddie Stobart birthday cake

  • E-Type Jag

    E Type Jag birthday cake

  • F1 Car

    Ferrari F1 birthday cake

  • Relaxing

    Relaxing birthday cake

  • Musical Guitar cake

    Musical guitar birthday cake

  • Family cake

    Family cake

  • Golf cake

    Golf cake

  • Playstation

    Playstation cake

  • XBOX

    Xbox birthday cake

  • Police

    Police cake

  • Garden Shed

    Garden shed birthday cake

  • Transit

    Ford Transit cake

  • Army Badge

    Army badge cake

  • Jack Daniels

    Jack Daniels cake

  • Travel cake

    Travel cake

  • Snap On Tool Kit cake

    Snap on Tool kit cake

  • Whiskey Bottle

    Whiskey Bottle cake

  • Hawian shirt

    Hawian shirt

  • sail away

    sail away

  • Camping