All sport themed cakes are Handmade and designed to reflect a sport you are passionate about

One of the most popular themes for a cake design is the sports themed birthday cake. The sports themed cakes can be created for any sport including, football cakes, cricket cakes, rugby cakes, swimming cakes as well as, golf, fishing, darts etc. Any sports cake can be created! A cake can be tailored perfectly to reflect the sporting interests of the cake recipient, even adding a personalised caricature to be on the cake! A fantastic talking point at any party!

Take a look at the photos below to get some inspiration, or contact us to discuss any other ideas you have for a sports themed cake.

Ideas for a sport themed birthday cake

  • Cricket

    Cricket cake

  • Fishing

    Fishing cake

  • Art

    Artist painting cake

  • Saints

    Saints football shirt cake

  • Judo

    Judo cake

  • Bowls

    Bowling cake

  • Liverpool FC

    Liverpool FC shirt cake

  • Honda F1 Car

    Honda F1 Car cake

  • Darts

    Darts cake

  • Racing car

    F1 Racing car cake

  • Golf

    Golf cake

  • rowing at 18

    Rowing cake

  • 2016 Saints Top

    Southampton FC Shirt cake 2016

  • Swiming

    Swimming costume cake

  • Plane

    Airplane cake

  • Carp Fishing

    Carp Fishing

  • Sports

    Sport themed cake

  • Artist

    Artist cake

  • BA Plane

    BA plane cake

  • Motor Boat

    Boat cake

  • Boxing

    Boxing glove cake

  • Motorbike

    Motorbike cake

  • Cricket

    1 tier cricket birthday cake

  • Sea Fishing

    Sea fishing boat cake

  • Wakeboarding

    Wakeboarding cake

  • Canoe

    Canoe cake

  • Football

    Chelsea FC cake

  • Diving

    Diving cake

  • Jag

    Car cake

  • Cricket Cupcakes

    Cricket cup cakes

  • Relaxing

    Relaxing in a chair cake

  • Saints Fan

    Football fan cake

  • Pompey

    Portsmouth football shirt cake

  • Skate Boarding

    Skate boarding cake

  • All sports

    Sporting themed birthday cake

  • rugby

    Sporty at 30 cake

  • Wii sports

    Wii Sports Mario cake

  • Bowling cake

    Bowling cake

  • Surfer cake

    Surfer cake

  • new cricket birthday cake

    New cricket birthday cake

  • Sky diving cake

    Sky diving cake

  • Painting artist cake

    Pianting artist cake

  • 2 tier golf cake

    2 tier golf cake

  • speedboat cake

    Speedboat cake

  • Cricket bat and ball cake

    Cricket bat and ball cake

  • Adidas trainers cake

    Adidas trainers cake

  • Tyre cake

    Tyre cake

  • Mercedes F1 Cake

    Mercedes F1 Cake

  • Crystal Palce FC cake

    Crystal Palace FC cake

  • Rugby Oz style cake

    Rugby Oz style cake

  • Laser quest cake

    Laser quest cake

  • Golfing couple cake

    Cake for a golfing couple

  • 6 nations rugby cake

    6 nations rugby cake

  • Golf Bag

    Golf Bag Cake