your wedding cake makes a great centre piece and a wonderful photo opportunity

Your wedding cake will be an important part of your wedding, it will become a focal point for photos, so it is a key part to consider as part of the big day. We have been creating wedding cakes for many years and have listed some advice and top tips below that will help you choose the perfect wedding cake.

Wedding cake design

The design and theme of your wedding cake should be a personal choice, the trend at the moment is to make them unique and reflect the personalities of the bride and groom. The personalised wedding toppers are a great way to achieve this, and are a great talking point on the big day! Make sure you look through wedding magazines, websites and photos to create the look you wish to achieve, then talk through your ideas with your cake maker to make sure the cake you would like can actually be created (and transported to the venue!)

How many tiers?

Look around at different structures for the cake , stacked, pillared, separate tiers, 2 tiers, 3 tiers or a single tier - this will mainly be a feature of how many guests you will need to feed. The more guests usually means more tiers! Typically, to feed 100 guests you will need a 3 tier cake.

Wedding cake flavours

Traditionally the fruit tier is the bottom tier, with vanilla Madeira sponges making up the remaining tiers. However, the sponges can me made in different flavours, chocolate, lemon etc and the fruit tier can also be replaced with a rich chocolate tier. Mix and match options are becoming increasingly popular to cater for all tastes.

Alternative wedding cakes

Rather than the traditional tiered cakes, other options are also available. The top table wedding guest cake makes a great talking point, with all of the figures caricatured to represent guests at your wedding. Photos and descriptions can be provided in advance with the details of clothes and colours to be warn on the day to create a truly unique cake!

The cupcake tower is also a great way to cater for guests by giving them an individual cake. If you still wish to have a small cake at the top of the cupcake tower to cut on the day, this can also be provided.

Wedding cake budget

You will need to have a budget for the wedding cake, this can quickly escalate as the options you choose will impact the price, generally the more detail you would like, and the more people you wish to feed, the higher the price will be. As a guide, the Fun Cakes wedding cake start in price from £250 for a 3 tier Madeira cake.

Ordering a wedding cake

Many cake decorators spend a great deal of time preparing and creating your special cake, because of this it is important to provide enough notice to your cake maker and get your cake ordered in plenty of time. I would strongly recommend that at least 6 months notice is given to ensure you have the piece of mind that the cake can be created. This is especially important with fruit cakes (all of the Fun Cakes fruit cakes are handmade to order and generally need a few months to mature).

Wedding cake delivery

Remember to consider that the cake will have to be transported and delivered to your venue. If the cake has a very delicate and elaborate design, there could be an increased chance that the cake design of mishaps en route! Most cake makers tend to deliver the cakes personally, just in case an accident does happen, then remedial action can be taken!

Fun Cakes will deliver wedding cakes to Southampton, Portsmouth and other areas within Hampshire. We can deliver to other areas - please contact us for further information, or email Fiona at to arrange a consultation.

Take a look at some of the wedding cakes in the gallery.

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